Law No. 22 of 1988 On the Delimitation of the City of Ash-Shahaniyah

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Statement on the Boundary Points of Ash-Shahaniyah City and its Coordinate Locations


The boundaries polygon of the city of Ash-Shahaniyah is approximately rectangular, its dimensions are 1300 x 1450 meters, and it is bounded on the north by Dukhan Road and on the east by Rawdat Rashid Road.

The following are the details of the pillar points of the boundaries polygon:

1.     Point 1 is located directly south of Dukhan Road and east of Rawdat Rashid Road and its coordinates are (201829) (402082).

2.     Point 2 is located about 1300 meters south of point 1 and forms ??with it the contact line of Rawdat Rashid Road. Its coordinates are (201053) (401026).

3.     Point 3 is located southwest of the city and about 1,450 meters from point 2. It forms ??with point 2 a line almost parallel to Dukhan Road and its coordinates are (199903) (401872).


4.     Point 4 is located on Dukhan Road west of Ash-Shahaniyah and its coordinates are (200577) (402933). It forms with point 3 the western boundary of the city and is about 750 meters from the current constructions. Point 4 connects with point 1 to form a line parallel to Dukhan Road, which is the northern boundary of the city.


1.      A line which connects two successive points on the boundary polygon is a straight line unless stated otherwise in the statement.

2.       The serial numbers that appear in the annex plan are the pillars of the convergence of the city boundary lines.

3.      The red colour shows the boundaries in the annex plan and signifies that there is no old boundary applicable to the city of Ash-Shahaniya.