Memorandum of Understanding In Health Cooperation between The Governments of The State of Qatar and The Republic of Macedonia

Whereas the Governments of the State of Qatar (Qatar) and the Republic of Macedonia (Macedonia), hereinafter referred to as "the Parties";
Recognize the importance of cooperation in all areas of health services and medical research and experience;
The Parties are interested in understanding and strengthening mutual relations in the field of health and medical research and practices; and in the prevention and control of disease, health promotion, wellness, new technologies, medicines and medical devices and other topics of mutual interest;
The parties have reached the following understanding:

Article (1)
General Principles

1- This Memorandum of Understanding outlines the interest of the parties to cooperate in all important health matters.
2- The parties shall support cooperation between institutions and individuals of Qatar and Macedonia in the fields of medical science and public health.
3- Wherever possible, the Parties will coordinate their actions or promote joint activities with international health agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

Article (2)
Areas of Cooperation

1- The Parties intend to cooperate in the following areas and any other areas that are incidental or necessary to achieve the objectives of this memorandum:-
a. Research in the health care field, including delivery, biomedical research funding and evaluation of services; technology and health care systems; the economics of long-term health care services; primary health care delivery systems research and alternative ways of extending health care delivery beyond institutional settings.
b. Integration of basic information systems for health and epidemiology, incorporating telecommunications, statistical methods and exchange of information.
c. Quality and standards in healthcare and service provision.
d. Healthcare financing.
e. Medical laws.
f. Exchange of scientists, experts and other healthcare professionals, facilitating internships and advanced courses for Qatari nationals.
g. Specialization of health professionals to attain higher degrees through training or attendance of medical schools.
2- Any other areas agreed to between the Parties.

Article (3)

Subject to the laws of the two Parties, the cooperation established under this Memorandum of Understanding may take any of the following forms:
1. Exchanges of technical information
2. Visits by specialists and professionals
3. Joint research
4. Training
5. Organization of seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences to further the objectives of this memorandum.

Article (4)

The Parties agree that the activities referred to under the present Memorandum of Understanding will be financed with funds allocated under their respective budgets, subject to the availability of said funds and the laws and regulations of each country. Each Party will cover the expenses of its participation, unless alternative means of financing are deemed appropriate and decided upon for specific activities.

Article (5)
Other Agreements

The cooperation referred to under the present Memorandum of Understanding will not affect the rights and obligations acquired by the Parties under other international agreements entered into by either Party or its government.

Article (6)

To provide for adequate supervision and coordination of the activities specified in this Memorandum of Understanding and ensure optimal conditions for their execution, the Parties shall establish a Working Group comprising representatives from their two countries. The Working Group will meet alternately in the two countries, preferably at least once a year.
The Qatari Minister of Health and the Macedonian Minister of Health are designated representatives who are responsible for implementing the present Memorandum of Understanding in their respective countries.

Article (7)

This Memorandum may be amended in writing by the mutual agreement of the parties; the amendment shall be executable on the date it is exchanged in accordance with the laws of the parties.

Article (8)
Entry into Force and Termination

This Memorandum of Understanding will take effect on the date of its ratification by both parties and exchange of such ratification in accordance with the laws of the parties; and shall remain valid for a period of three years, and will be renewed automatically unless otherwise is stated by either party by a written three-months notice to the other.
This document is issued in Skopje, this 16th day of April, 2013, in the Arabic, Macedonian and English languages; all texts being equally authentic. In case of divergence of interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

Authorized Representative of
of the State of Qatar

Authorized Representative
of the Republic of Macedonia