Twinning Agreement Between Doha Municipality and Bishkek Municipality
The Municipality of the City of Doha State of Qatar and the Municipality of the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic referred to as "the parties"
Based on the friendly relations existing between the two countries associated with the principles of the common cultural ties of cooperation and brotherhood and the belief in the importance of the role played by municipalities in the promotion of relations of fraternity, friendship, cooperation and building close ties between the two cities.
Believing in the principles of the United Nations to promote the fraternity between the member cities in the organization.
And the desire of the parties in the promotion of friendly relations and co-operation in all areas, have agreed on the Following:

Article (1)
The parties shall exchange information, expertise and experience in various areas of the services provided by the cities of their inhabitants in the following areas
1. Co-operation in the field of control of the buildings and issuance of building permits and business licenses.
2. Co-operation in the areas of billboards of all kinds.
3. The development of joint programs between the two cities to exchange experiences and training in the areas of construction, hygiene, education and waste recycling.
4. Co-operation in the field of privatization of services provided by cities.
5. The exchange of field visits to see the latest scientific developments and specialized training programs in the areas of the municipality.
6. Benefit from the experiences of cities in the work of forestation and greening and beautification of cities.
7. Co-operation in the areas of control and health education programs.

Article (2)
The parties shall exchange the definition of activities which are in the area of competencies to reach the goals set and experience in raising and improving the standard of public services and enhance the performance of their devices to keep pace with development and progress in the area of municipal services.

Article (3)
The parties will bear the necessary foundations for exchange of visits between the officials and staff of the two cities and the use of the systems of training and development, as well as information, exchange and training programs.

Article (4)
Both parties shall take advantage of the services provided by ministries and other institutions in the State of Qatar and the Kyrgyz Republic through increased communication and co-operation with these bodies.

Article (5)
Both parties shall coordinate through seminars and conferences held by the United Nations and other regional, international organizations.

Article (6)
Both parties shall encourage their workers and specialists in the fields of architectures and city beautification, and other areas to take advantage of modern technologies in the delivery of services, provided by seminars and conferences held by these agencies.

Article (7)
The sending State will provide for travel expenses of their delegations to the host country back and forth, as well as expenses related to accommodation and medical insurance in case if Parties will not establish another procedure of payment.

Article (8)
Provisions of this agreement or any provision of the scripts could be amended after both parties written agreement, and after the adoption of legal procedures in force in each of the two parties.

Article (9)
This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of the receipt of the last notification of completion the legal procedures necessary for the entry into force of the agreement, and will remain in effect for a period of (Five years) and shall be automatically renewed for a period or other similar periods unless one party shall notify the other in writing of its intention to terminate it, before six months from the date of termination, or expiration through diplomatic channels.

In witness whereof, the undersigned duly authorizes by their respective governments have signed this Agreement.

Done and signed in the Doha city on 16/02/1436 (AH),
8/12/2014 in two originals each Arabic , English and Kyrgyz Languages and in case of any divergence in interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

For Doha Municipality
State of Qatar

For Bishkek Municipality
Kyrgyz Republic