Law No. 5 of 1970 Identifying the Powers of Ministers and Defining the Functions of Ministries and Other Government Bodies

Annex- (As Amended By 5/1991 in Article 1) (Old Text)

(As amended by Law No. 11 of 1970, Official GazetteNo. 6 of 1970 and Law No. 24 of 1971, Official GazetteNo. 10 of 1971)

Statement on Distribution of the Governmental Departments among the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and Ministries


Presidency of the Council of Ministers:

  1. Department of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Department of Information.
  3. Department of Translation and Editing.

Ministry of Finance and Petroleum:

  1. Department of Financial Affairs.
  2. Department of Petroleum Affairs.
  3. Department of Personnel Affairs.
  4. Department of Customs.
  5. Department of Purchases.
  6. Department of Stores.
  7. Department of Financial Audit.
  8. Department of Administrative Inspection.

Ministry of Education:

  1. Ministry of Education, including the affiliateddepartments, sections, schools and institutes.
  2. Department of Training and Professional Development.

Ministry of Interior:

  1. General Directorate of Public Security.
  2. Department of Immigration, Passports and Nationality.
  3. Department ofCensorship ofPublications.

Ministry of Justice:

  1. Court of Justice.
  2. Court of Labour and Traffic.
  3. Court of Qatar Municipality Affairs.
  4. Department of Legal Affairs.
  5. Real Estate Registration Department.


Ministry of Public Health:

Department of Medical Services and Public Health, including the affiliated sections and hospitals.


Ministry of Public Works:

  1. Department of Engineering Services.
  2. Department of Mechanical Equipment.


Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs:

Department of Labour and Social Affairs.


Ministry of Industry and Agriculture:

Department ofAgricultural Affairs.


Ministry of Communications and Transport:

  1. Department of Post.
  2. Department of Ports.
  3. Doha International Airport.

Ministry of Electricity and Water:

  1. Department ofElectricity.
  2. Department ofWater.

Ministry of Economy and Commerce:

  1. Department of Economic Affairs.
  2. Department of Commercial Affairs.
  3. Israel Boycott Office.