Law No. 29 of 2008 on the Works of Electricity and Water Supply


Schedule of Violations Set Forth in Law No. 29 of 2008on the Works of Electricity and Water Supply, and PaymentAgainstCompounding Thereon

Payment Against Compounding


Ten Thousand (10,000) Riyals

1 –Conducting works of electricity or water supply to the buildings or facilities, orof any additions, changes or conversions therein, or undertaking the connection of such works to the public electricity or waternetwork, or the disconnection therefrom, without the consent of the Competent Department at the Corporation.

Five Thousand(5,000)  Riyals

2 –Providing incorrect data or documents for obtaining electricity or water supply.

Ten Thousand (10,000) Riyals

3 - Connecting electricity or water from the public water and electricity network, for a building or facility, without passing through anauthorised electricity or water meter.