Law No. 3 of 1983 with regard to regulating the pharmacology professions, mediators and agents of the drugs factories

Attached Table - As Ameneded by 4/2011 Artilce 2 (Previous Version)

Attached schedule, schedules (as amended according to the 4/2011 in the Article No. 2 (previous provision)

Schedules attached with the Law of the Pharmacology Profession and regulations of pharmacies and drug stores


Schedule 1


Arsenic and its chemical components and derivates

Sulimany akal

Mercury and its toxic components

Phosphor and its toxic components and derivatives

Vomiting tartaric and other toxic salts and antimony components

Cyanuric acid, Albrosik acid and Cianor potassium, Alcianorat and other Albrosiat

Cyanogen toxic components and derivates

Bitter almond oil

Belladonna, roots, leaves, powders and extract of alkalis and alkaloids and their salts

Calabar bean, roots and powder of alkaloids and their salts.

Alascaboula, alkaloids and their salts

Alastrovants seeds, powder and extract and tincture and glycosides.

Okonat, roots and leaves, extract and tincture, alkaloids and salts.

Adrenaline, adrenaline solutions

Apomorphine and its salts.

Arikolin and its salts.


Vomiting Nuts, seeds, powder and extract and tincture, alkaloids and salts.

Alzerarih of insect, powder and its effective components and their salts.


Saccharin, fruits and powder and extract alkaloids and salts.

Kodaeen and its salts.

Lihlah, roots, seeds, powder and extracts and tincture, alkaloids and salts.

Fish toxin, fruits and powder, alkaloids and salts and effective components.

Karar and its effective components.

Digitalia, leaves, powder, extract, and tincture and glycosides.

Amitin and its salts

Yoakeen and Nobokayen and synonyms.

Javidar horn, powder, extract, tincture and alkaloids and effective components.

Bean of St. Agnes, Abstract, alkaloids and salts.

English black dots

Homaturbin and its salts.

King grains. Seeds and oils.

Hormones (extract of glands).


(All ampoules used for subcutaneous or intravenous or spinal injection).

Hedrstain and its salts.

Anesthesia, leaves and powder, extract, alkaloids and salts.

Alabahl, leaves and powder and perfume.

Nicotine and its salts.


Opium headers

Jaboranda, extracts, alkaloids and salts.

Sadaab, leaves and powder and perfume.



Farathrin and its salts.

Datura, leaves, powder, extract and effective components, alkaloids and salts.

Yohimbine, extract and Alkaloids Korenatnea their yohimbine.

Components of radium from uranium and radium, actinium group and Torium their salts with the exception of natural radioactive water and its natural radioactive mud.

Mean derivatives or radioactive deposits of these salts products.

Products of all kinds being made ??radioactive by adding radium components to them or adding natural radioactive water or natural radioactive mud or any other method.

All other materials that are given up to half a gram per batch and listed in any book of Faramakopia. Books of medical materials or scientific references.

All private products and foreign arrangements with all types as drugs whether ampoules or pills or tablets, granules, etc., which contain a substance of this schedule, as well as ampoule prepared for subcutaneous, or intramuscular or  intraspinal or intravenous injection.

Sulfanilamide, all its preparations and derivatives in whichever name is being traded.

Debozen and its salts.                                            


Schedule 2

Toxic Substances (effective drugs)


Ascent perfume and volatile oil

Phosphorous doughs

Lead acetate and preparations containing them. 

Solution under the lead acetate

lead powder and products containing them.

Lead carbonate and products containing them.

Lead nitrate and products containing them.

Copper Sulfate and its products

Iodine and tinctures.


Alpinoruyal and fragrant.



Lamido Rey Zorsin.


Phosphoric acid

Tri-chloro acetic acid (acid, tri-acetic chlorine).

Chlorak idraey

Soluble Silver salts

Antimony chloride paste.

Zinc chloride paste.

Phosphoric oil.

Threyonal SilvonalVeronal and all Albarepettuorih components.

Dai amid phenol.

Dae-Lamido Rizorsin

Cherry gas water

Mustard Perfume


Gray oil.


Hydrate amyl

Albeltran and its salts.

Methyl Alcohol.

Oxalic acid and its salts

Vinyl de amin (metaobare ) preparations containing the ointments of mercury cream

Zinc:  oxic and its sulfurs, chlorides and solutions

Tri- carbon chloride.

Coconut, fruits and powder, perfume, oil and peel (Ariel)'s.


`Ethyl chloride.

Belladonna tincture.

Datura tincture.

Vomiting  nut tincture.

Hydrates, roots, powder and tincture.


Cresol and soda Crislat.

Squill, onion powder, extract and tincture.

Phenic  acid and phens.

Acetic acid.

Choleric Acid.

Sulfuric acid.

Nitric acid.

Chromic acid.

Sulfirorl Acid.

Netrohdyro-choleric Acid.

Phosphorous hypo  acid.

Alkonet Syrup.

Belladonna syrup.

Second mercury odor Syrup

Digitalia Syrup.

Constipation stone or Indian stone and its synonyms and other trade names.

Preparations containing narcotic substances at percentages less than two thousandths of morphine or one-thousandth of cocaine

Coca leaves, fruits and powder.

All other substances that are given between half a gram and a quarter gram per batch and listed in any book of Faramakopia. Books of medical materials or scientific references.

All private products and foreign arrangements with all types as drugs whether ampoules or pills or tablets, granules, etc., which contain a substance of this schedule, as well as ampoule prepared for subcutaneous, or intramuscular or  intraspinal or intravenous injection.


Schedule 3

Statement of substances and preparations considered narcotic

Raw opium and medical opium and their preparations where the percentage ratio of morphine is more than two per thousand.

Morphine, heroin and all salts of these gems and their derivatives, as well as combinations and components or preparations formal and informal containing more than two per thousand of morphine or any proportion of heroin.

Cocaine and its salts and preparations containing more than one per thousand of cocaine.

Alaijunin and its derivatives which can be used industrially in generating it

Indian hemp (cannabis), all its preparations and its derivatives by any other name displays in the trade.

Aldiloudad and its salts and preparations and esters and salts esters.

Benzoyl morphine and its salts - except codeine and Aldionin - generally substances defined as Easter morphine and its salts.

Aldecodad and Alaakudal and their preparations and  salts, and esters and esters of their salts, Alasidikon and its salts and preparations.

Albaramolavi and its derivatives, as well as all morphine  components derivatives containing nitrogen, which combine with five elements.

Altibaian and its salts.

Substances considered narcotic germs if softened by mixing with other material is liquid or rigid effective whatever the degree of dilution.


Schedule 4

All toxic and non-toxic substances and preparations that are used in agriculture and industry in general, in whatever form


Schedule 5

Medical plants

Handal – Saccharin - Praised – Anesthesia - Datura - poppy headers - Egyptian lahlah – Castor, king grains.

And all the other toxic plants.


Schedule 6

Drugs that may be released by pharmacist if found in the tickets written by generator:

Allizul – Picric acid solution in water for up to two per cent.

Lezoform - potassium prmangnant  solution and one in five thousand.

Argoutin Grains - silver nitrate solution one per cent.

Alexkara Grains - tincture of iodine five per cent.

Schedule 7

Drugs and toxic substances that can be used by the licensed dentists only to the needs of works of labs.


pure cholerdric acid

Pure nitric acid

Pure Picric acid

Hydrofloric  acid

Chloride of lime

Chloroform prepared for the Trade (non-narcotic )

Potas  Cianor



Schedule 8

Drugs and toxic substances that may be used by the licensed dentists only for the needs of clinics:

Alzernejoz acid

Pure sulfuric acid

Chromic acid

pure phenic acid

Alkor acid pure Sforak

Altemek acid (Timol)

The "acid Azaatrick"

Trbaklor acetic acid

salsalik acid


Udo form


Silver nitrate solution at two per cent

A Alcconnet Tincture

Pigment red pepper

Pramngat Albotasa


caffeine Ampoule

Kloreton Ampoule

oil Kafouri Ampoule

amyl nitrite Ampoule

Stofian Ampoule

Copper sulfate

paste with doueckh Powder


Kloreton at one per cent

Sulfuric ether

Tincture of iodine



Schedule 9

Drugs and toxic substances that may be licensed for dentists describing them to patients only under medical tickets for apparent use

Phenic  acid solution with strong of five per thousand.

The phenol salil solution quantity of four to five per cent.

A Alkonat tincture with quantity of not more than five grams per batch.

Tincture of iodine with quantity of not more than thirty grams per batch.

Since dentists licensed to practice their industry are unauthorized to use general anesthesia   therefore, the are not authorized to use chloroform anesthesia  or general other anesthesia, whether in their labs or in their clinics Shops.


Schedule 10

Medicines containing toxic substances and may sold and released by the pharmacist without Medical ticket:

Xidznk  Ointment

Mercury ointment

Ekitol   Ointment

 Yellow precipitate ointment

 Udo ointment form

 Menthol balm

 Boric acid solution

Potasa prmangat solution

 Cianor  solution of mercury

 Slimani solution

Blue  Drop ( recognized lvarmakopia)

Brocarjul    Drop

 Drop Argyrol

 Spirit of camphor

 Diluted acetic acid








One per  thousand

One per five thousand

One per five thousand 







Schedule 11

Simple items that may be in the stored drug stores

Alkobay Balsam Capsules

Bicarbonate of soda




Almanezia carbonate


Aksalic  acid

The American  patch and other patches, except

Content of toxic substances and narcotic

Baking sheets


Many gum

Sweet almond oil

Cod liver oil

Castor oil

Paraffin oil

Lichen Alaslanda,

Lichen sea


Sulfur vegetarian


Fig syrup

Krsbad Salt

Sdlts powder

Salt fruits

Linoleum for Saq

Flaxseed and powdered


Gauze tie

Cotton wool


Dersenj (Parts)

Zinc ointment 10 per cent

Boric ointment 10 per cent

Ointment Aktewol the 10 per cent

Mercury ointment 10 per cent

Yellow precipitate ointment 1 per cent

Sulfur ointment 10 per cent

Turmeric powder


Epsom salt


Soda sulfate


Gentian root powder

Suppositories Alkhlsrin

Fondant contain Yukalapts or mint

Or Rob Seuss

Violet flowers

Gauze Bdform

Tooth powders and pastes except content

Including toxic substances

Dry boric acid

Hair dye recorded

Brewer's yeast

Kaolin poultice of all kinds


Drinking Alcazzouzh the

Salts ready softeners such salts Krochn and Allen

And Andrew and cash equivalents

Powder for hair removal

Manezia calcined



Oxygen water

f insect killer liquid

Insect killer powder

Compound licorice powder




Cichorium syrup

Wood Murr

Eucalyptus sulfate

Lemon fragrance

Mint fragrance

Perfume Rose

Perfume Albergamut

Bitter orange flower fragrance

Perfume Alcetrunela

Orange perfume

Perfume Alockelepts


Perfume senna leaves, and powder of such stones

Medical soap types except poison him

Perfume Alterbtina

Droplets of liquid and dry from the department recognized

According to the medical Pharmacopeia

Lemon salt

Citrate effervescent soda

Processed baby food

Pearl barley

Dye clothing

Cocoa oil


Camphor oil

Tincture of iodine 5.2 per cent

Emulsion Almolten and fish oil

Tablets of Steel salsalic  acid 0,50

Quinine sulfate tablets

Flowers waistcoat except the content of toxic substances

Necks Crees


Deeb grapes

Hibiscus powder

Carbonated water varieties

Sterile gauze

Limonic  acid

Tar syrup

Toiletry and toilet

Resin discs except containing such substances


Rhubarb pills

Kescara Sagrada pills

Jacket Almanezia-Sagrada

medical instruments, such as sclaes hose and heat bag

Testicular and breast campaign

Mite or tar

Bastellh Resin

ammonia Liquid diluted 10%

Herb syrup

Lithium salts such as Alecitah and equivalents



It is not permitted to trade in other substances or stored except for the items stated in this schedule and these items shall be inside sealed containers and shown the name and quantity of product and the shop name and address of the supplier as well as the name and address of the pharmacist preparing the item.


Schedule 12

Table flammable, explosive  and dangerous substances that may be stored in pharmacies

A - flammable substances




soluble powder Cotton

Claudine flexible

Sulfur  carbon



Petroleum ether

Alcohol hundred degree

Alcohol degree 95

Normal Alcohol

Alcohol Ameljk the

Alcohol Formula


B – explosive substances

Soda chlorate

Nitrate of soda

Nitroglycerine  solution

Acetic acid

Nytrohydrochlric  acid

Barium  chlorate ( not used in medicine)

potasa chlorate and potasa  nitrate

Picric acid

Phosphoric acid

C - Hazardous substances

Sulfuric acid

Alkoredrik acid


Antryk acid




In order to store these substances, the following conditions must be followed:

First: all items must be placed into tightly enclosed packages

Second: each set must of these three groups must be separately placed into a wooden boxes or lower cupboards enclosed with wood inside. These boxes or cupboards must have a thick layer of soft soil.

Third: the concentrated acids must be placed into a special box insulated from the box in which the other flammable liquids

Fourth: all the bottles must be filled in outside the pharmacy or drug stores.

Fifth: lime carbour inside shall be placed into welded tinplate boxes, capacity of only one kg and shall be placed into boxes inside wooden box to be thirty centimeters at least upper.

Six: the hazards must be placed into one side of the pharmacy or store in a way that make them accessibly from street.

Seven: the Picric acid must be placed into side toxins cupboard insulated from the other toxic substances.


Schedule 13

Ready-made preparations containing one of the following materials must not be released or re-released from pharmacies only under the Medical ticket and drug stores are prohibited from selling or giving the same to the public:

Wolf Gorge - roots, leaves and powder and  extracts and Alkaloids and their salts.

Adrenaline and its solutions.

Amyl nitrite.

General and local anesthetics - (Nobokayen. Stofian ether. Chloroform. Ethyl chloride, etc.). Except water, chloroform and preparations containing them.

Arsenic acids and Alzernejak and Alzernakhitt arsenates and Alcakodellat and Aleodorat.

Alkaloids of opium and its derivatives except preparations containing (5) cgm of codeine or Aldionyen.

Belladonna - roots, stems, leaves and powder and its extracts and Alkaloids and their salts.

Alzrarich – its insect and powder, its extracts, its effective components and their salts.

Saccharin - fruit, leaves and  powders and Alkaloids and its salts.

Lahlah and its squinin  - seeds, powder, extracts,  and its salts.

Handal – fruit,  pulps, fruit and glycosides components.

Fish poison  - effective components

King grains - seeds and Ziute.

Corar or spears poisons – and Alkaloids.

Acid Alsang and Alcianorat and Albrosiat of toxic and Sulaianugen compounds and their derivatives.

Datura - leaves, roots and powder and its extract, effective components and semi alkaloids.

Digitalia  - leaves and powder and its extracts, effective components and glycosides

Thyroid extract

Alametin and its salts.

Vomiting tartaric.

Bean Klabar - seed and powder, alkaloids and  salts.

Addons -  plant powder and extract, tincture and glycosides.

Mercury Valley (Knflria). Roots, powder and extract and tincture and glycosides.

Canadian hemp (Abu Sinm) - roots and powder, extract and glycosides

Handal onions – bulbs, powder, extracts and glycosides.

Coca - the fruits and leaves and powder.

Yellow Jasmine - perfume and roots, powder and extracts, effective components and its salts.

Lazan - Effective components .


jaboranda – extracts, alkaloids and its salts.

Violet - leaves and powder, extracts and alkaloids and its salts.

Mercury and its salts except the ointment.

Soda Nitrite

Nitroglycerine and its solutions.

Vomiting Nut - seeds and powder, tincture and alkaloids its salts except preparations containing one cgm of strychnine.


bulpetran and its salts.

Pure Phenol and its preparations


Aphal,  Sudb and Alpinaruyal - leaves and powder and fragrances thereof.

Javidar horn, powder, extract, tincture, effective components and salts


Astervatns - seeds, powder, extracts, tincture and glycosides.

Sulfonate and urea derivatives (of the species Albarbetyawrat acid) and the like.

Green fraterm - roots, powers, tincture and its effective components, salts and extracts.

Yohymine  -  extracts and alkaloids.

Phosphate zinc, zinc Valernayat.

Hormones (glands extracts).

Nutmeg compounds, musk and amber which is giving in subcutaneous.

Medicines and preparations that are used in abortion.

Cotton Roots (Jospam) - roots and powder, extract and tincture of effective components.

Pharmaceutical preparations containing narcotic substances by less than two per thousand of morphine and one-per thousand of cocaine.

All ampoules used in subcutaneous or intravenous, intramuscular or  spinal injection .

Sulfanilamide and all its derivates and preparations in any  name they are traded.

Frtram Daizum


Schedule 14

a-    Substances and pharmaceuticals to be prevented from the pharmacies or pharmacology stores and shall exported only by the Supreme Council of Health 

Amyllobarbitone substance


Carbromal substance


Glutamate substance

Mitakalon substance and dai Vinhidramen

Carbrittal substance


Biotubareton substance

Methyl amphetamine hydrochloride

Propyl cyclo Hecsanol



calcium Saakloparpetton + Mirobamat

Amilibarbaton + promethazine

Bitobarpetton + promethazine

barbital + Vinrjan

Article calcium Sichaelo Barbit

 phenobarbitone sodium +

uzellel barbitone

Amilo barbitone + chlorpromazine

Dextro Amphetamine

 Amobarbital substance

methyl Vindat,


Treifloirzaen + Dexamphetamine

Quinal barbitone

chlorine Benzeyderal hydroxychloroquine

Dai polyethylene Amin Bay Hydrochloride + Bermallil Babiurat + Alyeel  promo babitorat+ alyeel abtheel barbitorat


Dormainal as preparation

Adalan as preparation

Doridn as preparation

Aazonks and Manrax as preparation

Carbrittal as preparation

Sonril as preparation

Mitdran as preparation

Marinaccs as preparation

Mujadon as preparation


Nmbautal as preparation

Brobbonal as preparation

Brocamil as preparation

Cinrjan as preparation

Quadronks as preparation

Rabidol as preparation

Bleksonal as preparation

Amarjal as preparation

dexadran as preparation

Amithal sodium as preparation

Ritalin as preparation

Brileodan as preparation

Stelladquis as preparation

Sakonal sodium as preparation

Vasparax as preparation




b-    Articles to be released by the pharmacies  only  by a medical ticket and pharmacies shall reserve theses tickets showing the quantity and date of release and name of the patient

Set of  Diaziuksyd:

Such as:


Serbaks - Srvid


Snquan - Kitakson




Valium sistolid







Set of Amipramen:



Set Abrennedol:



Set of Venotyazen:

Lar jactal



New lacteal 










Set of Lithium:


Set of Benza or octamin


Set of Hydroxyzine:







Set of Miroaamat:



Set  of Terbtlin:









 Set of mono Menyuxdaz:



Set of Haloperidol 




Group neurological  of alphenobarretn and convulsions:



Auntie Sasar's compound




Apianiothin phenobarbitone