Decree No. 74 of 1977 regarding the Establishment of the Central Council for Medical and Health Affairs 74 / 1977
Number of Articles: 20
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We, Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar,
Having perused the Amended Provisional Constitution, in particular Articles 23 and 34) thereof,
Law No. 5 of 1970 specifying the powers of Ministers and functions of the ministries and
other government agencies, as amended,
Based on the presentation of the Minister of Public Health, and
The draft decree submitted by the Council of Ministers,
Hereby decree as follows:


Article 1

A Council shall be established called the 'Central Council for Medical and Health Affairs' (hereinafter referred to as 'the Council'). It shall be affiliated to the Ministry of Public Health. Its headquarters shall be based in the Ministry of Public Health in Doha City.


Article 2

This Council shall be formed as follows:
1.      Minister of Public Health as the Chairman;
2.      Three members of the Ministry of Public Health, one of whom shall be the Deputy Chairman;
3.      Two members of the Danish Health Council;
4.      A member representing the universities of France;
5.      A member representing the universities of Ireland;
6.      A member representing the American University Institution.
A resolution from the Emir shall be issued with respect to the appointment of the members and the determination of their remunerations on the proposal of the Minister of Public Health.


Article 3

The competencies of the Council shall be as follows:
1.      Formulating public health policy and developing a comprehensive plan to raise the level of medical and health services;
2.      Proposing what is required in the public interest of the changes in the plan referred to in Clause 1 and generally working as a consultative Council for the Minister of Public Health;
3.      Developing plans for employee training in accordance with requirements;
4.      Considering the draft legislation and laws prepared by the Ministry before being presented to the respective officials;
5.      Supervising the works of the Executive Committee stipulated in Article 15 of this Decree and comparing achievements against the comprehensive plan;
6.      Laying the foundations for the coordination of work in the health field with the Ministries and with Governmental and Non-Governmental Institutions and International Organizations;
7.      Discussing the general budget of the Ministry and approving its final form before its submission to the competent supreme authorities.


Article 4

The term of membership of the Council shall be two years and shall be subject to renewal. In the event of the termination of the membership of one of the members for any reason before the expiration of the period specified for his membership, a new member shall be appointed for the remaining period.


Article 5

Agenda shall be prepared for each meeting. It shall be distributed to members at least one week before holding the Council, except in urgent circumstances. The agenda shall be accompanied by explanatory notes necessary for each item of the table.


Article 6

The Council shall be held at the invitation of its Chairman, or his Deputy in the event of the Chairman's absence, every two months in the city of Doha.
The Council may be held in any venue, based on considerations of public interest and for strong reasons and justifications accepted by the Chairman.
The Council meeting shall not be valid unless it is attended by the majority of members, provided that among them there must be at least two members of the representatives of the Ministry of Public Health.


Article 7

The minutes and resolutions of Council meetings shall be recorded in a private register, signed by the Chairman and the attending members.


Article 8

Council resolutions shall be issued in accordance with a majority vote of the members present. In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


Article 9

Council resolutions shall be enforced from the date of their publication, with the exception of resolutions related to matters determined by the Council of Ministers by its resolution.


Article 10

The Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and any other member deputized by the Council for such purpose shall have the right to sign on the behalf of the Council.


Article 11

The Council shall have a budget affiliated to the budget of the Ministry of Public Health.The general provisions in the state budget shall be followed in the development of such budget. The Council shall also prepare final statement of account.


Article 12

The fiscal year of the Council shall begin in the first day of Muharram and end on the last day of Dhu Al-Hijjah of each year; provided that the first year must include the period from the date of enforcing the Decree until the last day of Dhu Al-Hijjah of the following year.


Article 13

The Audit Bureau shall be responsible for the financial supervision of the Council and the examination and auditing of its accounts annually


Article 14

Each year and whenever required, the Council shall submit a comprehensive report to the Emir reporting its activities, and giving an indication of the medical and health condition of the citizens of Qatar together with observations and recommendations thereon.


Article 15

The Council is affiliated with an Executive Committee, which is entrusted with the task of executing the public health policy drawn up by the Council. Such Committee shall be responsible to the Council.


Article 16

The Executive Committee shall be formed as follows:
1.      Deputy Chairman of the Council                              Chairman
2.      General Director of the Ministry                              Deputy Chairman
3.      Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs in the Ministry      Member
4.      Director of Preventive Affairs                              Member
5.      Director of Therapeutic Affairs                              Member
6.      An Official on the behalf of the Medical Authority      Member
7.      An Official on the behalf of the Nursing Authority      Member


Article 17

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the following:
1.      Executing the policies drawn up by the Council;
2.      Making proposals with respect to the following:
(A)      Regulatory, administrative and financial structures for various departments in the Ministry;
(B)      The methods for providing the best curative and preventive services to citizens in accordance with the prescribed regulations;
(C)      The development of the Ministry organization in conformity with the improvement of its technical services;
(D)      The necessary rules to simplify administrative regulations, archives, clerical and secretarial services, and publications;
3.      Coordinating the work between the Departments of the Ministry;
4.      Supervising the technical executive aspects, such as planning, statistics, organizing, coordinating, evaluating and developing human force in the Ministry;
5.      Undertaking studies on the nature of the work in the Ministry; its functions, evaluation and coordination shall be determined based upon such studies;
6.      Contributing to the building of simplified supervisory systems to support, follow up and develop health programmes and projects, through cooperation and coordination with the Planning and Statistics Department, and improving these programmes and projects based on a scientific technical basis;
7.      Preparing brief lists of the description of the functions and work of the various health units and their employees.


Article 18

The Council shall have supervision over the Executive Committee and the authority to give guidance to the Executive Committee regardingits work. The Council shall have the right to demand from the Committee any data, notes or reports with regard to any subject within its competence.


Article 19

A resolution from the Council shall be issued with regard to the Executive Committee system and meetings, and matters relating to the regulatory, administrative and financial rules.


Article 20

All competent authorities, each within its jurisdiction, shall enforce this law from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


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