Decree-Law No. 15 of 1999 Imposing Tuition Fees and Accommodation Fees in the University Housingon Non-Qatari Students at Qatar University 15 / 1999
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We, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar,
Having perused the Amended Provisional Constitution, in particular Articles 23, 27 and 34 thereof;
Law No. 2 of 1962 regulating the public fiscal policy in Qatar, as amended by Decree-Law No. 19 of 1996;
Law No. 2 of 1977 establishing Qatar University, and the amending laws thereof;
Law No. 11 of 1988 on the equality of students of the States of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) in the institutions of higher education;
Decree-Law No. 15 of 1996 Imposing Tuition Fees and Accommodation Fees in the University Housing on Non-Qatari Students at Qatar University;
The proposal of the Board of Qatar University; and


Article 1

The provisions of this Law shall be applied to non-Qatari students at Qatar University, with exception of the following:
1.     The people of the States of GCC to whom the provisions of Law No. 11 of 1988, referred to above, apply.
2.     Grant students.
3.     One student for each of the sons of members of teaching staff and employees at the University.


Article 2

Taking into account the provisions of the previous Article, tuition fees shall be imposed on non-Qatari students at Qatar University according to the terms, conditions and categories stated in this Law.


Article 3

First: The fees shall be determined on the basis of a minimum of 12 credit hours for which a student is registered in each semester at undergraduate level, according to the following:
1.     Fourhundred (400) Riyals for one credit hour in the following arts majors:
a.     College of Education (Arts Divisions, Home Economics Majors, Art Education and Physical Education).
b.     College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
c.      College of Sharia, Law and Islamic Studies.
2.     Five hundred (500)Riyals for one credit hour in the following science majors:
a.     College of Education (Sciences Divisions).
b.     College of Sciences.
c.      College of Business and Economics.
3.     Six hundred (600) Riyals for one credit hour in the engineering majorsincludingtheCollege of Engineering.
Second: For students of foundation programmes, the tuition fees shall be applied in the same categories specified in the first item above but with a minimum of15 hours for the Colleges of Science, Engineering and Business and Economics.
In the case of exemption from some courses of foundation programmes, the University shall determine the fees to be paid by the student.


Article 4

The fees for the diplomas and master's degrees shall be determined according to the following break-down:
1.     Five hundred (500) Riyals for onecredit hour in the artsmajors.
2.     Six hundred (600) Riyals for onecredit hour in thesciencemajors.
3.     Seven hundred (700) Riyals for onecredit hour inthe engineering majors.


Article 5

Subject to the provisions of Article 1 of this Law, each non-Qatari student residing in the University Housing shall payeight hundred (800) Riyalsper monthto the University accountfor accommodation, living and transportto and fromthe University.


Article 6

Where a student withdraws from his studies, the following rules shall apply:
1.     All fees shall be refunded where the student withdraws before the commencement of classes.
2.     Where the student withdraws after the commencement of classes,a percentage of feesalready paid shall be deducted from the account of the University as follows:
a.     Ten (10)percentwherethe student withdrawsduring the first two weeks after the commencement of classes.
b.     Fifty (50) percentwherethe student withdrawsbetween two weeks and one month after the commencement of classes.
c.      Seventy five (75) percentwherethe student withdrawsbetweenone and two months after the commencement of classes.
In all cases, the student shall not be entitled to a refund of any feesalreadypaid after the lapse of two months from the commencement of classes.
3.     With the approval of the University Board, fees may be refunded in full after the start of the semester in coercive or emergency situations such as death, deportation, arrest or severe illness requires a long-stay in hospital.


Article 7

The tuition fees shall be payable at the beginning of each semester and may be divided into two or more instalments, provided that an initial payment of at least fifty (50) percent of the total fees is paid at the beginning of the semester.
The student's registration shall be null and void where he fails to pay the full amount of the fees ??by the end of the add/drop period at the University.


Article 8

Tuition fees and accommodation fees referred to above shall be paid to the Department of Finance at the University in coordination with the Department of Admission and Registration, which amount shall be deposited in a separate special account in anynational bankandapplied toexpenditure according to the rules established by the University Board.


Article 9

.The Director of the University shall issue the necessary decisions for the implementation of this Law.


Article 10

Decree-Law No. 15 of 1996 referred to above and every provision that violates the provisions of this Law shall be rescinded.


Article 11

All competent authorities, each within its own jurisdiction, shall enforce this Law which shall come into force from the beginning of the academic year 99/2000 and shall be published in the Official Gazette.


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